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Shipping Information:
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What's Included:

  1. "The EZ Weight Plate", Lid (BPA Free, microwaveable and dishwasher safe), and our NEW Cold Cup!
  2. Instruction Manual that contains the following:
    a) The formula to calculate your BMR-Basic Metabolic Rate and caloric needs to gain, maintain, or lose weight.
    b) A sample Meal Plan to assist you in determining how many servings you will be allowed daily in each food group to stay within your caloric limit.
    c) A list of Common Foods in the following food groups: -Breads -Cereals/Grains -Starchy Vegetables -Fruit -Vegetables -Meat and Fats with proper portion sizes (This follows the American Diabetes Association Guidelines)
  3. A Daily Food Journal that may be copied or downloaded from our LINKS page.
    The food journal is to help you chart your daily food and liquid consumption and track your total servings, calories, and nutritional breakdown. It also allows emotional tracking for you to monitor your feelings before and after each meal helping you become aware of how certain foods make you feel. Keeping a food diary creates accountability and awareness of how much you are eating and where hidden calories may be. It can also create positive changes not only in your diet but also in your life.


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For more information on the EZ Weight Plate please email us. The EZ Weight Plate is BPA Free.